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Dark Vampires
The literary evolution of cyberpunk and splatterpunk in film, novels, and gaming made fandom much more accessible to adults. I did my thesis on Cross-cultural and Historical Vampire Legends as a Paradigm for Aggressive Human Sexuality. At the same time science fiction has its sexy darkness with Neuromancer and Aliens, people like Nancy A. Collins, Poppy Z. Brite, Christa Faust, Caitlin Kiernan, David J. Schow, Anne Rice, and others injected their horror fiction with vampire sex, paranormal romance, and the extreme.
I have spoken about the attraction of monster fucking on a perhaps surprisingly large number of convention panels, including DragonDon and World Fantasy. There is something terribly appealing about a lover who could destroy you but chooses not to. This is what the whole vampire mythos taps into for me. I see it as, in a sense, a metaphor for true love.

Vampires and media about vampires cycle in and out of fashion regularly, but the allure of the monstrous wild sex partner is eternal.

-- Amelia G

Jade Blue-eclipse
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